White Deer Ingrid!

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1369 | on-going

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The worst socialite, the scribe of the king, the best socialite, and the daughter of the aristocracy met. The day of the third prince’s wedding reception. A red rose was inserted into the chest of Reagan, the king’s boss. “Reagan Espencer, would you suggest me?” Ingrid Farnese. This woman was a lady with a triple beat of money, honor and appearance. The youngest daughter of a family that no one can ignore. He is known as the rumored Deer of the capital and countless men are the most beautiful women in the country. Reagan had no disagreement with the fact that everyone accepted it. Her words would be a sweet offer that would never be rejected by a man with true eyes and ears. But there is one big problem with this flow. “Are you crazy?“ The scandal of the century that overturned the social world!

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